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Hosting is the service that provides Internet users with a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web, like Curs Valutar. It is an analogy of “lodging or hotel accommodations or rooms” where one occupies a specific place, in this case the analogy hosting or web hosting, refers to the place of a web page, website, system, email , files etc.. more specifically the Internet or on a server that hosts usually several applications or web pages.

The companies that provide space on a server to its clients are often referred to the English term web host.

The web hosting although not necessarily a service, has become a lucrative business for Internet companies around the world.

It can be defined as “a place for your website or emails,” though this definition simplifies conceptually that web hosting is actually space on the Internet for virtually any type of information, whether files, systems, emails , videos etc.

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Hosting – service of providing computing power to the physical location of information on a server residing in the network (usually the Internet). Hosting is also called service by placing the customer’s equipment in the ISP providing the connection to its communication channels with high bandwidth (colocation, domain names, from the English. Collocation).

Usually, the concept of web hosting service is meant as a minimum file allocation site on a server that is running the software required to process requests for these files (web server). As a rule, the hosting service is already providing a place for e-mail correspondence, databases, DNS, file storage on a dedicated file server, etc., and support the functioning of the corresponding services.

Hosting the database file location, email hosting, DNS services may be provided separately as a stand-alone service or part of our comprehensive service.

Hosting can be divided into several types:

Free hosting: usually with limited capabilities. Running scripts (eg PHP) and the conduct of a private domain is often not possible. Disk space and bandwidth are usually limited. Sometimes adds the hosting company advertising to each page.
Shared hosting: Multiple (hundreds) of websites on the same server installed. This makes it possible for one site to the other makes slow down or even crash.
Reseller Hosting: for those who own a web host would be. Provides a high disk space and bandwidth that can be spread over all sites that the user wants to place. Compare to shared hosting, but the buyer has more freedom and can sell web hosting.
Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting: allows a physical server multiple virtual servers housing. Each customer has administrator or root access to the server and configure user rights to. The customer can have a VPS for applications other than Web sites use. If a virtual server crashes, then the other customers will not notice. Processor capacity and bandwidth to the hard disk is divided by the customers.
Dedicated hosting: the customer gets really own server (machine). Well it has to observe data limit and hard disk space.
Managed hosting: the client receives a server (or a part of here) but gives the management and maintenance of this off your hands.
Co-located hosting, the customer places an own server in the space of the provider. It is required to have a “19″ rack mountable “server to place of 1, 2 or 4U (Units) 1U = 1.73 inch = 4.4 cm high. Again, the customer has to take into account data limit, but hard disks can be placed in desired quantity or replaced by larger.
Cloud hosting: a new form of hosting on clustered (interconnected) servers, creating a large scalability arises. The advantages are better availability, more reliable and higher speed.